WISE LIVING: Pillows Make a Room Pop

I recently switched up our couch pillows in the sunroom and it completely changed the atmosphere of the room.  We cut down from 8 mismatched, colorful pillows to 4 simple pillows (one printed and one solid) split between the two couches.  Honestly, it brought the room from college-fun into adulthood.  Side note: I’ve been out of college for several years now, but my pillows apparently never got the memo.  Dillon asked if we were getting rid of them and I laughed, “Of course not, they’re going upstairs!”  Obviously, they won’t fit on our bed because we’re overrun with pillows there, so on to the guest room where they will certainly add even more color to my high school comforter.  Yes, my high school comforter is in our guest room.  No, I do not currently have any children that would warrant a lime green comforter.  No, we don’t have guests much.  Anyway, that room is a different project!

Where were we?  Right, the pillows and your room.  Pillows are a great way to add a pop of color, texture, and print to a room.  If you’re a pillow hoarder like myself, just make sure you pull from the same color palette to keep things consistent and you leave room enough to sit on your couch.  You can mix and match patterns and solid colors to create the look of your choice.  Add a personal touch with a pillow with a message or an important date, like the one below.

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