Video Music Awards 2013: Just a Comment about Miley Cyrus

I did not watch the VMA’s this year.  I think I was crunching numbers on buying a house or something.  I do want to say that I did see the Miley Cyrus clip online.  I actually had to Google twerking, because every time I looked up the clip that word was associated with it.  Perhaps, I’m either disclosing my age or lack of going out to the clubs lately.

Anyway, my point is that celebrities have been gyrating on stage for years, wearing skimpy clothes, and shocking audiences across the board.  Cher shook up the 1989 VMA’s with a sheer, thong, body suit paired with a leather jacket.  Whether or not Miley Cyrus’s current performance was in her best interest, who knows?  Did I understand the over sized, bear backpacks on the dancers around stage with her?  No.  Why was Robin Thicke wearing a suit that resembled Beetlejuice’s outfit?  I really couldn’t tell you.  Somewhere there is a stylist that helped these celebrities make these clothing choices.  There are choreographers and managers, among many others working behind-the-scenes to aid in making these performance decisions.  Did it get them press?  Heck yes, it definitely did.

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and many, many, other celebrities have worn controversial outfits and danced provocatively for years.  Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl Half Time Show is still under controversy.  It made the news and probably won’t be forgotten for years.  Maybe Miley Cyrus wanted to break away from her Disney image.  Who are we to judge?  Because she is considered a role model for young girls, it is unfortunate when one performs in this manner.  It makes impressionable girls think that it’s perfectly acceptable to dance and act this way.  I’m not saying that it’s unacceptable, but you probably wouldn’t catch me doing those dance moves on stage.  You’d be lucky to catch me doing them in the privacy of my own home.  I’d probably pull a muscle or something, anyway.

Regardless, the idea of a performance or an outfit choice is usually to shock and awe.  Miley Cyrus did just that.  Whether or not it was the greatest performance or the best option for her career, I’m not sure.  She’s only 20 years old, but is considered an adult.  The younger generation who idolizes her needs to understand that many of these things are done for press reasons alone.  There are probably things we all did at age 20 that we wouldn’t do now.  Despite your opinion on the situation, I think we can all agree that it was an attention grabber!  Miley has made the headlines.

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