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Wise Words: Follow Your Path

Follow your path

Image Credit: Kelly Wise Photography
Quote: The Wise Brunette: Amanda Gill

Follow your dreams.  If it takes you on a rocky road, don’t be afraid.  You’ll never know what’s around the bend unless you look!  I was completely inspired by this scene, captured perfectly by photographer, Kelly Wise.  She graciously let me use it for part of the Wise Words series!  Be sure to visit her shop, Kelly Wise Photography for prints of her lovely photos.


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Wise Words: Good Things Will Happen

Good things are going to happen

Found this somewhere on Facebook  or Instagram and I just wanted to share it with you.  Think positive, take a risk, and good things will follow.  In times of stress, it can be hard to be positive.  I ran across this on one of those days and it brightened my outlook.

I always like to credit my image, so if anyone know the original artist please share!


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Wise Words: Keep Calm Love Vintage

Keep Calm Love Vintage

Maybe these aren’t wise words, but for today it shall be my mantra.  In less than 2 weeks my shop, The Brass Giraffe and I will be participating in a vintage and handmade market.  I haven’t written about my shop here before, but basically when I say “the shop and I,” it translates to myself and some help from family and friends.  As I look over the piles, racks, and drawers of vintage clothing, accessories, and jewelry, I’m a tad overwhelmed.  Not to mention, I decided to add some new pieces to my visual merchandising setup.  “I have a lot to do” is an understatement and unfortunately, I’ve been sick for the last 2 weeks — not good.  Time to push through, as usual.

If you’re local to the Baltimore area, (or willing to drive) I’d love to see you at The Whitehouse Market, Sunday Sept. 22nd 10am to 4pm in Bel Air, MD.  I’ll have mostly vintage pieces and maybe a few handmade purses.


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