Prints and Colors make a statement at Pakistan Fashion Week London

I ran across an image on Pinterest the other day of a gorgeous ensemble, mixing prints and patterns by a Pakistan designer from 2007.  It spurred me to do some research into Pakistan fashion and here are a few of my favorite looks from the 2014 Pakistan Fashion Week in London.  I discovered some truly talented designers with a knack for sculpting some of the most beautiful textiles I’ve ever seen!


Designer Ayesha Hashwani Collection at Fashion Parade 2014


Designer Ayesha Hashwani Collection at Fashion Parade 2014

It is truly inspirational to see designer Ayesha Hashwani combine prints and textures like the two looks above.  I’m in love with both sets of pants, specifically the ones paired with the floral jacket.  The scalloped hem of lace just gives it a sense of elegance.


Designer Nomi Ansari; London 2014 Fashion Parade Collection


Designer Rania Emaan; Pakistan Fashion Week London 2014; Bridal Collection


Designer Waseem Noor; Pakistan Fashion Week London 2014; Bridal Collection

The beading and embroidery by Rania Emaan and Waseem Noor are gorgeous.  The amount of time and energy that goes into that type of handwork is truly amazing.  These designers chose exquisite color combinations and clearly understood how to manipulate the drape of fabrics to create a royal impact.  The chiffons flow effortlessly!

As a designer myself, I hope to take a lesson from these talented individuals.  I will conquer prints and bold colors while breaking out of the norm.  I won’t be afraid to mix and match in both my wardrobe and in my work.  Be bold and make a statement.

 Image credit: Latest Pakistani Fashion Shows, Catwalk, & Shoots via


Do you love the print combinations?  Are you swooning over the details too?  Let me know in the comments!

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