Peaches and Cream Greek Yogurt Recipe

Peaches and Cream Yogurt

Yogurt is so important to me, that I keep the large tub size in my fridge — sometimes even two of them.  When I started incorporating Greek yogurt into other recipes, I stopped buying the pre-packaged snacks.  I realized I could use it to make similar yogurt cups in the flavors I enjoyed, without the extra preservatives.  You can read more about my yogurt obsession in this post.

This recipe is for a fresh Peaches and Cream blend of Greek yogurt that is sure to delight.

1/2 Cup of Plain Greek Yogurt

1 Fresh Peach

Drizzle of Local Honey

First rinse, peel, and cut up your peach into small chunks.  I couldn’t resist taking a bite, however it was my yogurt I was fixing.  Add some of your peach pieces (about half) to the bottom of your cup or bowl.  Scoop a half of cup of Greek yogurt on top of the peaches.


Drop in the remainder of the peaches and drizzle with honey.  The amount of honey you use is entirely up to you.  I added a little extra because my peach was on the tart side.  Take a quick photo for Instagram, mix up, and indulge. 😉


Peaches and Cream Yogurt Recipe

Photo Credit:  Me — Amanda Gill


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