Vintage Inspiration: Scaasi Floral Silk Ensemble circa 1950s

A chill in the air means a jacket around my shoulders.  Today’s vintage inspiration is perfect for Fall!  I can’t get over the floral print on this 1950s dress.  The red coat pairing makes the print pop even more!  The jacket is lined with a matching print to the dress.  Swoon.  Snag this Scaasi beauty from the upcoming vintage auction with Augusta Auctions.

1950s Scaasi Printed Silk Ensemble via Augusta Auctions

1950s Scaasi Printed Silk Ensemble via Augusta Auctions

Bat Those Lashes Babe, Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara is the Best

Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara
I have finally found a mascara that I love.  After years of searching, testing, trying, buying, throwing away, and wiping a lot of crap off from my under my eyes, I have a winner.  Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara is the top of the line.  So far, I’ve only used their basic mascara.  It isn’t the waterproof version, but it stays on like a charm.  It is time to say goodbye to the clumps, the goop, and the crusty hardened lashes with the mascara dust that rubs off under your eye a few hours into the evening.  Bare Minerals pulls out all of the stops on this one!  At $18.00, it doesn’t break the bank.  I’ve paid much more and I’ve paid much less, but I’ve never been this happy!  I’ll be back time and time again when I run out!

How does one find the best mascara on the market?  You ask your friends who have the best looking eyelashes.  I found that I have two friends (who have never even met each other) using Flawless Definition and their eyes are gorgeous.  Obviously, some of that is genetics, but the lash definition was indeed flawless.  This is not a sponsored post in anyway shape or form.  I’m honestly just very excited that I found mascara gold!

Accessorize with Mesh from Whiting & Davis

Whiting & Davis Calysto Bracelets via INSIDE Whiting & Davis

Whiting & Davis Calysto Bracelets via INSIDE Whiting & Davis

Whiting & Davis has been around since the late 1800s.  They specialize in accessories and jewelry crafted of metal mesh and boy oh boy, do they do it well!  I guess after 135 years, you would tend to be the best of the best.  In 1892, the first mesh handbag was hand woven by Charles Whiting.  He took the art of chainmail and turned it into a fashion statement.  This look has held on and evolved with every decade.  They’ve recently updated their website and revamped their logo for a more modern look.  Not only can you shop, but you can learn about the history of the company and check out modern fashion trends on their blog!  I wonder if the founders ever thought that the company would still be styling mesh 100 years later.

Known for fantastic handbags, the new collection of Whiting & Davis does not disappoint.  Offering clutches and shoulder bags, they have a piece for every occasion.  The dazzling mesh of Whiting & Davis makes their handbag the perfect companion on a night out, cocktail party, or other evening affair.  Here are a few of my favorites from the collection.  Naturally I leaned towards a vintage look.  The vienna and peacock handbags remind me of pieces from their 1920s collection because of the silhouette and painted on prints.




When it comes to jewelry, Whiting & Davis may be most famous for their serpent style cuffs and bracelets; however in the new collection you can expect bold colors along with timeless classics.  A glimmering mesh piece of jewelry can make a statement day or night.  I love everything, but here are a few of the pieces that I’m lusting after.



I am a Whiting & Davis freak.  When it comes to vintage W&D, I have several of their handbags from different eras and some pieces of jewelry as well.  Thank you to my lovely grandmothers who have the best style and were willing to pass their Whiting & Davis pieces along to me!  One of my grandmothers kept her Whiting & Davis handbag from the 1950s in the original box!  I’ll have to do a style post sometime soon to show you the glamour that has been passed down to me!

Do you have any pieces from the iconic design house?  Tell me about them in the comments section!

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