5 Ways You Can Be A Better Blogger

If you’re new to blogging or just trying to rekindle your blogging passion, here are 5 ways to stay on track.

1.  Keep your voice.  Don’t ever try to be something or someone that you’re not.  Be honest.  You may look at a big, successful blogger and feel you should write how they write.  Don’t purposely match your blog to someone else’s.  Your voice is important and it is what makes you unique!

2.  Consistency is key.  Write your blog on a regular basis.  Keeping a schedule can help when life gets in the way.  If you can only post once or twice a week, that’s ok.  If your readers know that you post on Tuesday and Thursday, they’ll come back to see what’s new.

3.  Don’t blog about things you don’t like.  If you’re not obsessed with fashion, you’re probably not going to be the greatest fashion blogger.  Likewise, don’t start a recipe blog if you don’t enjoy cooking.  Find a niche that you can write about with passion.  If you can’t think of more than a few things right off the bat, then you may need to widen your scope.

4.  Connect with your readers.  So you don’t have a huge following?  That’s ok!  Connect with those who are your followers.  Initiate conversations and talk to the people who are reading your blog.  Even if it’s just your mom.  Hi, Mom!  

5.  Growth will happen over time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It will take some time.  Keeping with the previous pieces of advice, your blog will start to grow.  Whether your goal is to blog for fun or blog for your business or create a blogging career, it isn’t going to happen over night.  Stop comparing yourself to others and keep on trucking.

I’ve recently rediscovered my passion for writing and I’m hoping to keep up with the blog!  This particular post was inspired by The DC Ladies prompt for TDCLBlogtober14.  This lovely group of ladies has given me the motivation to get back to blogging!

Don’t wear the platform heels, and other pieces of advice I’d give to myself, if I had a time machine.

Don’t wear the platform heels!  Take them off immediately!  You are going to tumble down the stairwell of your high school with your notebook filled with papers flying through the air.  It’s going to hurt both your bottom and your ego.

If I could go back in time and have a conversation with a younger me, there’d be a few things on the list.  I’m not saying I live a life of regret, I’m just saying if the opportunity presented itself, we’d be having a long chat over coffee with non-dairy creamer.  Yes, don’t eat the yogurt and avoid the ice cream.  Speaking of food, when you go to study in Paris, avoid the fruit because you are going to get really sick, like hospital sick.

Here are a few other comments I’d have for myself.

Don’t fret over boys.  These fellows aren’t worth it.  Your prince charming is out there (in West Virginia), you just haven’t met him yet or considered that you might be going to college in West Virginia.

Work hard, but give yourself a break.  You’re always striving for the best, but it is important to relax.  Take a breath and kick off your heels once in awhile.

Stop stressing!  Everything happens for a reason and will play out as it may.  Do your best and try not to stress about the things out of your control.  Heck, stop stressing about things in your control.  You’re giving yourself wrinkles.  Oh, you don’t think so?  I disagree, there are a few wrinkles starting to show.  In fact, maybe start giving yourself a weekly facial.

Exercise, exercise, exercise!  You have back problems and you can’t avoid it.  Stay in shape!  Every day when your back isn’t hurting you should exercise.  Maybe it will prevent the problems in the future, because this girl is tired of sporting back brace friendly attire.  Hmm… I need to implement this now and take note for the future.

Do you have any advice for your younger self?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

This post was prompted by a lovely group of ladies, The DC Ladies, for their TDCLBlogtober14 event!

Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

I was inspired by The DC Ladies #TDCLBlogtober14 challenge to create a bucket list of the things I’d like to accomplish this Fall.  With it being our first Autumn in the new house, I’m feeling extra seasonal.  I can’t wait to decorate our home, starting with a wreath for the front door.  Cooking follows, as the aroma of apples and cinnamon go hand in hand with Fall.  My mom makes the best homemade applesauce and I hope to help out this year making a batch for my own home.  Although the last item sounds like more of a chore, I can’t wait to scoop some Fall leaves from our yard!  This will probably be the only time it is ever on a bucket list!  Maybe our dog will run through them!

Do you have some plans for Fall?

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