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If you’ve been following along with me on Pinterest, then you may have noticed an increasing trend in pinning interior design — especially kitchens.  I’ve been kitchen crazy lately, as that is the first project that we have decided to tackle in our new home!  Our goals are to invest in new (working) appliances, hardwood floors instead of scratched up vinyl, painted cabinets, and some type of new counter top to replace one which was severely abused over the years.  Dear new kitchen, I promise we will treat you well.  Here are some of my inspirations.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Grey cabinet and white marble countertops.
Image Source: Greige: interior design ideas and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

Subway tiles for a backsplash and a fancy pantry door.  This kitchen is from the blog Chris Loves Julia and is quite similar to the layout of ours.

Subway Tiles in the Kitchen

I’d love to spruce up our angled pantry this way!
Image Source: Chris Loves Julia: The Kitchen Before and After

This one is just for fun.  I love the pop of color among the dark wall color, but I highly doubt pink cabinetry will fly with my man.  Also, I’m not sure how that would work out in our small space for resale value in the future.  You may be thinking, “Why worry about resale value?  They just bought their house!”  Well, my friends, I’m only painting cabinets once, so it better be perfect the first time around.  Trends come and go, so we’re going a more traditional route.

Pink Kitchen Sink

Pop of color in the kitchen.
Image Source: Fresh Home Design and Architecture

Want to see more?  Take a peak at our Interior Design: Kitchens Board.  Decisions, decisions… I’ll keep you updated and stay tuned for a preview of what we’re working with.

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