Home Depot: My New Home

I didn’t realize that purchasing a new home meant a new budding relationship with Home Depot.  Don’t worry Lowes, I didn’t forget you.  I think I’ve been to a hardware store at least 2 to 3 times a week since we purchased our home.  Keep in mind, that we’ve only been homeowners since late December.  In fact, I spent part of my New Year’s Eve in Lowes.  What has happened to me?  Instead of shopping for a party dress, I was shopping for a toilet seat.  Weird – yes, but it was a necessity considering we only had one working toilet!! 

Here are a few ways that owning a home has changed my life in just a few short weeks:

  1. The clothing budget has now become the decorating/renovating budget.
  2. Refrigerators are not made like they used to be.
  3. People can seriously be gross.  Seriously.  
  4. A finished basement can quickly turn into an unfinished basement (and another project) when it floods with water.  More on that later.
  5. Money meant for shoes was spent on a shop vac.
  6. I’m glad I kept my galoshes.  See honey I told you I’d wear them again.  Clearly you can never have too many shoes.
  7. Homeowners get to play in the mud like kids.
  8. We learned about plumbing!  Well, Dillon learned more about plumbing than I did.
  9. Raking leaves was really exciting, until I realized I had to strategically scoop them into bags rather than jump in them.
  10. I discovered I probably have way too much stuff.
  11. Everything and every project inevitably takes much longer than you think you will.
  12. I have the greatest family and friends in the world.  I can not thank you enough for all of your help!




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