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National Dog Day – Wise Tucker

So apparently, I have 7 minutes before I’m a horrible dog mama.  It is National Dog Day and I didn’t celebrate my lovely pup.  Here’s to you to Tucker.  You’ve been by my side for the last 4 years, a gal’s best friend.  There is a saying that people tend to look like their dogs.  In this case, I hope we’re not looking alike, but Tucker seems to have the same weird allergies that I do.  Two souls destined for one another in West Virginia…. well technically three if you add in my love.  He’s not in the doghouse though, so we’ll leave him out of this post for now.

Wise Brunette Dog

Tucker’s first trip to the beach.
Folly Beach — Charleston, SC

I realize for a fashion writer, this is a bad outfit.  In my defense, it was windy and we had been traveling.  See, even Tucker couldn’t control his ears.


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