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Up and Running without Tennis Shoes

Wise words for today:  A can-do attitude can go a long way!

The Wise Brunette is back up and running after being down for several days.  I changed hosting companies for my blog and I managed to move the entire site myself with very limited assistance from the live chat guy.  There were only a few times that I wanted to bang my head against a wall or reach into cyberspace and shake WordPress.  The major hurdles:  my content showed up, but my images were lost along the way and I found out that none of the page links worked.  It’s ok though, because I fixed it!  Me!  I fixed it!  Man, that feels really good to say.  I’m a beginner when it comes to web design, coding, etc., but right now I feel like I’ve got my black belt.  Hello intermediate level!  Now, I’m off to go dance around my living room for awhile and celebrate.  Tomorrow I’ll be back with a brand new post.  It’s only been almost a month, right? 😉


Reflections and Sunsets

Just a little snap from yesterday as I enjoyed the sunset and the boys enjoyed the fishing.  The weather was perfect and my nose was buried in a book for a few hours.  Take some time to step outside, look around, and reflect this weekend.  Take a break from your busy life and take in the beauty of nature.   It just may change your attitude.

sunset at Loch Raven reservoir reflections in the reservoir fishing in Loch Raven reservoir

Wise Brunette Unplugged

It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.  No, it’s  a wifi signal!  Thank goodness!  We’ve been without internet and television at the new house for 2 months (cue gasp).  It was kind of refreshing — to a point.  Unfortunately it has limited my blogging, shop updating, and general upkeep with the rest of society.  actually had to ask someone about the weather forecast.  So today, I’m typing this from a cute little cafe with free wifi a.k.a my parents’ kitchen.  We still have not committed to cable or internet at the house yet, as we are finally finishing up some renovations and slowly moving in.  Life without internet as a blogger and an online store owner has been challenging.  Can I get a what, what for 3G?  But as I sit here online, I think something needs to be said about the connectivity of our lives.  

Turn off your T.V., put down your phone, and shutdown your internet every now and then.  Ignore the addictions of Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Climb down from your online soapbox for awhile and try to remember the dark ages days without the internet.  Who cares what everyone else is doing?  Live in the moment without being plugged in.

Do you want to know what my beau and I have been doing a lot more of recently?  We’ve been listening to the radio, knocking out projects at the house, and actually having real conversation with one another sans laptops.  Yes, we will eventually get internet (and probably cable) at our house.  We aren’t cave men and I do have a business to run.  But when we do plug back in, I think I’ll make it a routine for us to put down the devices at least once a week and tune into each other.  Just some wise thoughts from my own online soapbox…


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