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For Love of the Fireplace

Fireplace and Hearth

Image Credit: Michael Partenio and Donna Talley (Regional Editor and Producer for Meredith Publications)
Image Source: Red Door Home

I love fireplaces and even though it’s not crucial to our living space, it’s on my list of wants for our house.  There is something so soothing and romantic about sitting by the fire, watching the flames and their colors.  Besides, I absolutely LOVE decorating mantles.  It’s a simple way to re-decorate a room year-round, just by swapping out the pieces on your mantle.  You can change it to reflect the seasons, add pops of color to the room, or even showcase you favorite family photos and artistic decor.  Around the holiday season, I feel even more festive with fresh garland and a themed arrangement on a mantle.

Many older houses (which I love) come with a fireplace (or several) that are no longer in use.  Immediately my first thought comes too, “let’s break that baby open because there has to be a chimney in there somewhere.”  Obviously, that’s not always logical, so sometimes you have to do something a little different.

Chesapeake Cancer Alliance Decorator Show House 2013

Rockfield Manor, Bel Air, Maryland; Harford County built in 1921
Chesapeake Cancer Alliance Decorators’ Show House 2013
Image Credit: Caroline Jasper

I visited Harford County’s Chesapeake Cancer Alliance Decorators’ Show House this year and was quite inspired by a non-working fireplace.  Designer Elle Ellinghouse was responsible for the dining room and parlor.  Not only did she create one of the most luxurious spaces, she made a non-working fireplace incredibly romantic.  A mirror was placed inside and a series of candles were put in front, along the brick hearth.  It was beautiful.  I wish I could’ve taken a photo, but luckily Anne Herbert Photography captured the entire room beautifully! (Visit her blog for detailed photos and more of the fireplace!)

Elle Ellinghaus Designs Photograph Anne Herbert

Elle Ellinghaus Designs for Rockfield Manor 2013 Dining Room and Parlor
Photograph by Anne Herbert Photography

If you’ve found your dream home without the fireplace, you could always add in a faux fireplace for decorating purposes.  Often you can purchase old fireplaces and mantles that are reclaimed materials from houses that have undergone renovation.  They may not be in working condition, but with the right contractor they could be.

Reclaimed Fireplace

Reclaimed Fireplace with White Brick Hearth, Wooden Mantle, Header, and Trim Panels
Image Credit: Iphonography by Me

With a solid white piece like this one, you could paint the mantle and the brick in the accent color of your choosing or leave it as is.  Then, set it up where you like and decorate away.  You may chose to go faux flame and use candles instead, but you still may need to anchor the piece to a wall.  Where there is a will, there is a way… and a fireplace!


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Antlers as Art or Home Decor

ZooK Shop Antler Art

Hand painted Fallow Antler by ZooK Shop

I’ve been stuck on the trend of antlers as art for quite sometime.  I can’t explain it.  I was never a hunter or in a family of hunters.  Every now and then my Dad will come back with an antler that he’s found in the woods and for some odd reason, I want it.  What do I do with them?  Mostly I use them as display on our bookshelf, but I recently came up with something useful for one in the studio; perhaps I’ll show you sometime.  Pictured above you can see that ZooK Shop has gone above and beyond the plain antler by adding a gorgeous hand painted pattern.  I love the coloring and the print.  They offer a variety of antler styles, colors, and patterns in their shop.  Don’t delay, find it here in their Etsy shop.

Image Credit:  ZooK Shop via Etsy


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Home Decor: Vintage Ceramic Light Fixture

For those of you who follow the Wise Brunette on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen this.  For those of you who don’t follow, well you’re missing out big time and it’s a good thing I’m blogging about this.  This light fixture is the best vintage light fixture in the world.  Alright, I might be over exaggerating just a tad.  I’m sure there is a crystal chandelier hanging somewhere in a 1920s mansion that takes the cake for that one, but this piece was extraordinary!

Vintage Ceramic Light Fixture

Vintage Ceramic Light Fixture
Photo Credit: Me and my trusty iPhone

I was attending an estate sale when my eye caught this beauty in the dining room.  It was a triple cylinder light fixture made of ceramic with tiny designs cut out to allow the light to pass through.  I tried to buy it immediately, but alas it was staying with the house.  Since we’re house hunting, the thought actually crossed my mind to put my name on the list for when the house goes up for sale, but perhaps purchasing a home for a light fixture is not among the best of reasons.  I need to learn to abide by my own posts (ex. Buying a Home in Any Budget.)  The home was filled with early mod furniture and gorgeous modern art paintings.  I did come home with a few finds that I plan to use for visual merchandising at an event for my vintage shop, The Brass Giraffe, so keep your eyes open for some more vintage decor posts.

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