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WISE LIVING: Pillows Make a Room Pop

I recently switched up our couch pillows in the sunroom and it completely changed the atmosphere of the room.  We cut down from 8 mismatched, colorful pillows to 4 simple pillows (one printed and one solid) split between the two couches.  Honestly, it brought the room from college-fun into adulthood.  Side note: I’ve been out of college for several years now, but my pillows apparently never got the memo.  Dillon asked if we were getting rid of them and I laughed, “Of course not, they’re going upstairs!”  Obviously, they won’t fit on our bed because we’re overrun with pillows there, so on to the guest room where they will certainly add even more color to my high school comforter.  Yes, my high school comforter is in our guest room.  No, I do not currently have any children that would warrant a lime green comforter.  No, we don’t have guests much.  Anyway, that room is a different project!

Where were we?  Right, the pillows and your room.  Pillows are a great way to add a pop of color, texture, and print to a room.  If you’re a pillow hoarder like myself, just make sure you pull from the same color palette to keep things consistent and you leave room enough to sit on your couch.  You can mix and match patterns and solid colors to create the look of your choice.  Add a personal touch with a pillow with a message or an important date, like the one below.

Project Kitchen: The Beginning

It has occurred to me that I last showed you my kitchen inspirations at the end of January and then never mentioned the project again.  Did we get swallowed by a kitchen renovation?  Yea, a little.  Three months later we are putting the final touches on our project and I can’t wait to show you how far we’ve come.  I should’ve been blogging as I went along, but alas many late nights tearing apart our house, packing, and ordering take-out food ended up taking precedence.  So I guess the best place to start would be the beginning.  You still want the little details right?  Here is the before shot.

Kitchen Renovation Before

To say the least, our kitchen as it was when we bought our house was very blah.  The layout was nice, the cabinets provided a great amount of space, the island was equally appealing, and the corner pantry storage sealed deal.  On the down side, the colors washed out the entire space, the linoleum countertops were gauged by someone without a cutting board or a care, and working appliances were sparse.  The fridge was shot and the smell said that it had been that way for quite awhile.  The oven had a couple of working burners – 3 out of 4 isn’t bad, right?  The microwave’s life ended when someone cut the cord and then took a few of the buttons off the dishwasher – perhaps as a memento.  The garbage disposal shook the entire countertop and emitted the sounds of a groaning monster.  The faucet and sink leaked, but that was to be expected.  After a little tweaking to the faucet, we could only get hot or cold water with nothing in between.  The only way to shut off the water was to wiggle the handle into one little sweet spot, so it wouldn’t drip.  Then, the day came where the handle just completely fell off when I turned on the water and turning it off became an even bigger problem.  Oops.

kitchen sink and dishwasher before

Everything has to go, including the kitchen sink!

The floor was vinyl and had been cut out, patched, and re-glued as if it were tile.  As if no one would notice, right?  It spread from our kitchen into a dining space and was definitely on our list of things that had to go.

vinyl floor patch

Just like tile, right?  The suspense as to what is under there is killing me. 

From the dining area, we have an extra sunroom bumped off the back of our house that was separated by a brass strip and brown carpeting.  This is one of my favorite spaces in the house, but it is quite divided with the carpeting.  The goal would be to turn these rooms into a cohesive, cozy space for relaxing and entertaining.

kitchen dining room and bumpout before


Stay tuned to watch our first demo/reno unfold!

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Home Depot: My New Home

I didn’t realize that purchasing a new home meant a new budding relationship with Home Depot.  Don’t worry Lowes, I didn’t forget you.  I think I’ve been to a hardware store at least 2 to 3 times a week since we purchased our home.  Keep in mind, that we’ve only been homeowners since late December.  In fact, I spent part of my New Year’s Eve in Lowes.  What has happened to me?  Instead of shopping for a party dress, I was shopping for a toilet seat.  Weird – yes, but it was a necessity considering we only had one working toilet!! 

Here are a few ways that owning a home has changed my life in just a few short weeks:

  1. The clothing budget has now become the decorating/renovating budget.
  2. Refrigerators are not made like they used to be.
  3. People can seriously be gross.  Seriously.  
  4. A finished basement can quickly turn into an unfinished basement (and another project) when it floods with water.  More on that later.
  5. Money meant for shoes was spent on a shop vac.
  6. I’m glad I kept my galoshes.  See honey I told you I’d wear them again.  Clearly you can never have too many shoes.
  7. Homeowners get to play in the mud like kids.
  8. We learned about plumbing!  Well, Dillon learned more about plumbing than I did.
  9. Raking leaves was really exciting, until I realized I had to strategically scoop them into bags rather than jump in them.
  10. I discovered I probably have way too much stuff.
  11. Everything and every project inevitably takes much longer than you think you will.
  12. I have the greatest family and friends in the world.  I can not thank you enough for all of your help!




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