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Dior Haute Couture Fall 2014 Takes a Cue from 18th Century France

History repeats itself and it certainly isn’t uncommon to find fashion trends resurfacing every so many years.  Dior Haute Couture Fall 2014 takes inspiration from a strikingly familliar silhouette from the 1700s for their 2014 couture collection.  Panniers, a hoop frame worn under gowns to provide an exaggerated hipline were all the rage in France in the 1700s.  Introduced in 1710, the pannier grew in width over the years, reaching the widest point in 1740.  For comparison, here is a painting of Marie Antoinette in a court dress with very wide panniers.

Marie Antoinette Court Dress with Panniers

Now, let’s take a look at the Dior Fall 2014 collection.

dior fall 2014 couture dior fall 2014 couture dress dior fall 2014 couture dress dior fall 2014 couture dress dior fall 2014 couture dress

Raf Simmons interpreted 18th century historic dress for the Dior collection.  The structured bodice, typically corseted in the 1700s, paired with a billowing skirt makes quite the impact.  Personally, I love his translation and I expect to see this silhouette popping up in the bridal market.

Interesting Fact:  French doors were created to accommodate the women wearing this style of dress.  They couldn’t fit through the doorways!

What do you think?  Love it or hate it?


Image Credit:  Women’s Wear Daily.  View the full collection here.


Vintage Inspiration: 1960s Evening Dress by Hanae Mori

It’s not a secret that I love vintage clothing.  Much of the inspiration the I find comes from historic pieces.  As fashion evolves, styles never really change as you can still find hints of silhouettes from the past.

Currently I’m swooning over this dress from the collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  This 1960s ensemble is by Japanese designer Hanae Mori.  I love the floral print and the ease of the flowing chiffon.

Hanae Mori Evening Dress 1960s

Hanae Mori Evening Dress circa 1965-1967 via The MET Museum

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