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How to Properly Take Your Measurements

When all sizing isn’t created equal, knowing your measurements can make shopping and ordering clothing online a bit easier.  Do you order 2 sizes and then send one back?  Have you realized that a size medium isn’t the same across all brands?  What does size 8 really mean?  The mystery of sizing is a boggling one, but if you know your measurements, you’ll have the ultimate shopping power on your side.  In fact, most women are wearing the wrong bra size because they don’t know how to measure themselves correctly.  So grab your tape measures (or a piece of string) and let’s get started.

hot to take your measurements

What you’ll need.  A dressmaker’s tape (like this one) is perfect, but you can always use a piece of string and lay it against a ruler to calculate the length.  A mirror is helpful, as well.

Key points to remember.  Take your measurements over the undergarments that you plan to wear or usually wear.  I’ll discuss proper bra sizes in another post.  Keep in mind that certain undergarments will alter the shape of your body and can make a difference in your sizing.  Yes, I’m talking about heavily padded bras and shape wear.  We’re looking for your true size right now, so don’t worry about sucking it all in and pushing it up.  Definitely don’t measure over your clothes.  They’re bulky and it will not reflect your true size.

The 3 most popular measurements are bust, waist, and hip – in that order. 34-28-36, sound familiar, right? 

Taking your bust measurement:

Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest (about nipple level) until it meets.  It should be just the slightest bit snug.  Don’t let it droop, but for goodness sake give yourself some breathing room!  This number is your bust measurement.  Take note, this is not your bra size.

Taking your waist measurement:

Wrap the tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist, near your belly button.  You can do a side bend to see where the natural part of your waist really lies.  Again, don’t cut off your circulation.  This isn’t a number competition.  It’s your size and you need to breathe!

Taking your hip measurement:

Wrap the measuring tape so that it falls across the fullest part of your butt.  It can be slightly above or below your actual hip bone, as we are all different.  Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor for an accurate result.  Again, your magic number is where the end of the tape meets the rest of the measuring tape.  When it comes to design and sewing, the hipline typically falls around 7 to 9 inches from the waistline.  We’re all different, so don’t worry if yours isn’t exact.  This may give you some insight into why that one dress wasn’t sitting quite right in the fitting room.  

Embrace your numbers, ladies!

You can now use these 3 numbers to compare your size to items you’re about to purchase!  You don’t have to worry about exact measurements, but round up if you’re in doubt.  A 29 inch waist would work well in a structured dress measuring 30 inches.  Otherwise you will not be able to breathe!  You might get away with a smaller size if the dress is stretchy, but too tight is unattractive, as is too big.  Usually companies provide a measurement range to correspond to their sizes.  Also keep in mind that some people have long torsos and others have shorter ones.  If you try on a dress, but the waistline seam isn’t sitting on your actual waistline, it might look a little funny.  Each brand is different, so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t fit!  I have a long torso and there are simply some brands that I can not wear if they have a defined waist.

That’s it!  Take your measuring tapes and newly discovered powers and run with it!  I can’t stress enough the importance of correctly fitting clothing!  Stay tuned for bra measurements!

Bat Those Lashes Babe, Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara is the Best

Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara
I have finally found a mascara that I love.  After years of searching, testing, trying, buying, throwing away, and wiping a lot of crap off from my under my eyes, I have a winner.  Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara is the top of the line.  So far, I’ve only used their basic mascara.  It isn’t the waterproof version, but it stays on like a charm.  It is time to say goodbye to the clumps, the goop, and the crusty hardened lashes with the mascara dust that rubs off under your eye a few hours into the evening.  Bare Minerals pulls out all of the stops on this one!  At $18.00, it doesn’t break the bank.  I’ve paid much more and I’ve paid much less, but I’ve never been this happy!  I’ll be back time and time again when I run out!

How does one find the best mascara on the market?  You ask your friends who have the best looking eyelashes.  I found that I have two friends (who have never even met each other) using Flawless Definition and their eyes are gorgeous.  Obviously, some of that is genetics, but the lash definition was indeed flawless.  This is not a sponsored post in anyway shape or form.  I’m honestly just very excited that I found mascara gold!

WISE STYLE: Comfortable Classic for Thanksgiving

Comfortable Classic
Comfortable Classic by wisebrunette featuring a blue purse


I will not forgo style for comfort this Thanksgiving.  We don’t have a dress code at my family gatherings, but I like to opt for comfort as I gorge on holiday goodies.  A look like this one keeps it comfy and cozy with a sweater dress and leggings — think stretching room for the appetite you’ve been saving away for the big meal!  Dress up the look with a necklace, bracelets, and a pair of colored booties.  Bring the oversized handbag in case you’ll be carrying left overs.  Just kidding… or am I?


What’s your Thanksgiving dress code?
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